November 24, 2011

Welcome to FB . bLAHblahblahblah…

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Here’s a thought, that when we log in to facebook it just ends up about “words of rumors and messed up wall”. I cannot imagine that the wall of face book just encourage millions of its subscriber to messed up freely. The freedom of speech is such a free of cost and no rules that violate. You can say whatever fuck you want to say. The damn asshole thoughts and the bitches asses just scattered in the wall with no mommy saying its “pornographic” and violating the world of Saints and Virgins.

Well face book is a welcoming page of “blahblahblah” in any language and in any means of communicated thought. Fascinating as it may seems yet we are being corrupted of the system set up in that social network. Everybody can access for free.

There is no boycott thing with my thoughts of face book.  I just so loving it. It let me write what I want and publish it without any Editor to beat the Deadline, No Publisher to asked if it’s going to be publish or not, No Rules or anything in writing. It’s a free page where everybody is free in doing all the things, damn genius or even the damn idiots.

Face booking in this generation of generations, with the thought that it will go through a logway and not be spoiled by new social network like that happened to “FRIENDSTER”. Well generation changes and all evolve, we love things which is new so , this thought is just a thought.  We might like face book or dis like it as it goes old with the trends and with the generation of Homo sapiens.


Well as I am welcomed by Face book the date I joined and log in : I just said to myself oh “ lets Farmville”  yet I end up with the  “blahbalhablah “ .


Still I am face booking with  Blah“blahbalhablah “blahbalhablah “ “ out of nowhere my boss called me so…..


end up



November 20, 2011

:) nICE sONG; OST OF twilight:)

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Heart beats fast Colors and promises

How do be brave

 How can I love when I’m afraid To fall

But watching you stand alone

 All of my doubt Suddenly goes away somehow

(Pre-chorus) One step closer

(Chorus) I have died everyday waiting for you Darling,

 don’t be afraid I have loved you for a Thousand years I’ll love you for a Thousand more

(Verse 2) Time stands still Beauty in all she is I will be brave I will not let anything Take away What’s standing in front of me Every breath, Every hour has come to this

(Pre-chorus) One step closer

 (Chorus) I have died everyday Waiting for you

[ From: ]

 Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you for a Thousand years I’ll love you for a Thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you

 Time has brought Your heart to me I have loved you for a Thousand years

 I’ll love you for a Thousand more

(Pre-chorus x2) One step closer One step closer

(Chorus) I have died everyday Waiting for you Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a Thousand years

 I’ll love you for a Thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you Time has brought Your heart to me I have loved you for a Thousand years

 I’ll love you for a Thousand more

November 15, 2011


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How many ladies out there in this universe who waits to meet their Prince for forever? The answer could be “most “of those I could say “a lot of girls “waiting for Mr. . Right.

 I just want to share my thoughts of the movie that I have watched last night. Waiting For Forever by Rachel and Tom seems pretty amazing, ideal though could happen.

 People wonder of when to have the special love of their life. Yet they might not know that it just follow them and neglect it. Might be the love of their life just being left unseen and be dump because the present is different to what it seems to past. Well it could be nice how one young love grow for one boy like Richard (actor in the movie) to follow a love of his life as he grew.

The point of stalking and abnormality sick thing seems depicted in his character. Though this might happen to those who might love us secretly and not even give them and not even get a chance to listen on what they feel. Pathetic as it might be in real life that things like this is not happening at all. We forgot the concept of innocence and be open to the “fast way of love-courtship /sex thing”.

There is bit nostalgic of the past when I watched the movie. Bit asked about who I am with in my child hood , whom I played with, whom I spent the moment the young stage of my life. That this thing exists then that he or she might love and I just neglect it? Well , young girls and young boy puppy love never did true to me. It’s a question of “ What it is? What would you feel? “ . It is something that I never even imagine , that one childhood friend or what love me or still holding on back there waiting to have this forever. That he / she might follow wherever I am because as he sleeps he or she see me seems faraway yet when we met as he / she close his or her eyes –he sees maybe, might, could that I am with him or her close and unexpectedly forever.

Well with this thoughts just learned that never ever neglect somebody why he or she keeps being there.

Understand the distance why he follows, why he moves, why he or she exist in the picture wherever or whatever it maybe happening in your life. The word he or she kept might speak in action than saying it in words. Be sensitive. As for me , forever is real. No matter how the damn reality sucks the happy thought of it. I am in it now. Forever exist for me.

November 12, 2011

uniqa iHA at ang UNIqa MAMA sa Trabahow:) hehe. tsug tinamaan ng kamera sa umaga!

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November 10, 2011


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Self-help cures to stop snoring ( links …)

There are many things you can do on your own to help stop snoring.

Home remedies and lifestyle changes can go a long way in resolving the problem.

Lifestyle changes to stop snoring

 Learn More Healthy Weight Loss Easy Excercise

Tips How to Quit Smoking How to Sleep Better Lose weight.

 Losing even a little bit of weight can reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat and decrease or even stop snoring. Exercise can also help to stop snoring.

Working out to tone your arms, legs, and abs, for example, also leads to toning the muscles in your throat, which in turn can lead to less snoring.

Quit smoking. If you smoke, your chances of snoring are high.

 Smoking causes airways to be blocked by irritating the membranes in the nose and throat.

Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives, especially before bedtime, because they relax the muscles in the throat and interfere with breathing.

Talk to your doctor about any prescription medications you’re taking, as some encourage a deeper level of sleep which can make snoring worse. Establish regular sleep patterns.

Create a bedtime ritual with your partner and stick to it. Hitting the sack in a routine way together can help you sleep better and often minimize snoring.

Bedtime remedies to help you stop snoring Clear nasal passages. Having a stuffy nose makes inhalation difficult and creates a vacuum in your throat, which in turn leads to snoring.

You can do it naturally with a neti pot or try nasal decongestants or nasal strips to help you breathe more easily while sleeping. Keep bedroom air moist with a humidifier.

Dry air can irritate membranes in the nose and throat. Reposition.

Elevating your head four inches may ease breathing and encourage your tongue and jaw to move forward.

There are specially designed pillows available to help prevent snoring by making sure your neck muscles are not crimped.

Avoid caffeine and heavy meals within two hours of going to bed, especially dairy products and soymilk. Sleep on your side. Avoid sleeping on your back, as gravity makes it more likely for your tongue and soft tissues to drop and obstruct your airway.

( gagawin natin toh Poy)

TWO little berdies inside the Office:)Brighten the Day.

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November 9, 2011

if you see this dots moving: Stress ka daw?

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November 8, 2011

i CANNot comprehend at work But : I can fACEbowk!

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i CANNot comprehend at work But : I can fACEbowk!

i CANNot comprehend at work But : I can fACEbowk!

i CANNot comprehend at work But : I can fACEbowk!

i CANNot comprehend at work But : I can fACEbowk!


i MISS that 4 DAYS howleyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ng Mag DAY oPP sI ENDAY kasama si SER with super Kaibigans :) Photography 101

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Biglang Somewhere out of Nowhere ang Day op na iyon!

Bandang alas Dos Ng niyaya ako ni Ser Na mAGbihis na

kAsama ang mabubuting kaibigan , nag gala ang super Inday kasama si Ser

Sa pag eYbeg ni Ser ay nakapunta ako ng Mall!


Pinasok ang DISCOUNT SHOP na AEROPOSTALE ! Grr ANG PRESYO 50 % Off buy 1 Take 1 hanep!

Matanong nga: Inday CURIOus ?

Ang Presyo 182 ISA short for Ser : ang 50% DISCOUNT  yong isang Short LANG na E-buy 1 TAKE 1 Daw!

Ang ENDAy gamit ang BB Nag MATH/  182 into ( X) 50 %  wow 91 DIRHAM lang yong isa short pero isa 182 padin( buy 1 take 1 nga~! discounted pa!)

Nagsumbong si Enday kay SERJ  Nag balikan ang buhat ng amo mong damit: hala! Get get out na at gogo nalang sa ibang Shop.

Ala magawa: nag eat ang Super FRIENDS. China TIMES.

After Nag somewhere down the road na!


Hinanap ang PARKING SPACE NG ikot ng ikot – tsug! Sa wakas sa ilang IKOT naka swerte ng bakante.

Hinanap ang CATERPILLAR shop to buy wallet ang super FRIENDS at ang NAKITA : ice cream STAND.

Sosyal SI inday: GELLETO ICE CREAM  Na Mahal per scoooooop ang kinain: as always CHOCLATE flavour neng!

Nag enjoy ang kaibigan with Sir si INDAY.

mATAPos ang Photography 101 : nag gogo-IKOT na SA DUBAI MALL

And RIGHT THERE and then : ang daming tao

LAkad lang ang MUDRA until nakita ang TOUCH SCREEN navigator locator echos sa MALL!

BingowJ CATERPILLAR on the floor near to ICE RINK J

Hanap ulit J UNTIL nakita rin sa Wakas ang shop.

Nag- sukat at nag buy ! Namili AND Nag stroll back.

Matapos ang wallet na sinadyang puntahan sa MALLJ Nag toilet din sa wakas.

Matapos ang shestah!

Nag back to PARKING LOT na ang mga DORA DORA J

Next Mood: OUT of nowhere – GLOBAL VILLAGE na FIRT TYM ni INDAY Makita kasama ang  amo.

Enjoy !


Nag laro , nag laro, nag laro, laro………

Nag lakad, nag lakad, nag lakad………

Mapagod hinanap ang BANSANG SINILANGAN: philIPINES –kumain sa NEW GOTO KING daw?


AROS KALDO at  tubig at coke.

Next mode: nawala si SIR.

Si inday naiwan with kaibigans ng pagod somewhere waiting sa GOTO KING bago kumain.

Pag balik ni Sir : nakabili ng pampasexy: VIBRATOR sa tyan! Mamayat kaya?

MATApos ang gala : yaya todo ang mga supre friends sa BDAY ng kaibigan ni Inday at sir.


No answer ang BDAY celebrator.

Nauwi nalang ang DORA DORA ‘S

Sa PAG IBIG NI sir nag LUTOW nalang ng papaitang cravings ni Inday for 4 days

Oops ! binili pala ako ni Ser ng SAPATOS : made in INDIA:) NAKAKAPATOS BA!!!

Yan ANG apat na araw na day OFF ni INDAY .

One time BIG TIME  saya!

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