December 12, 2011

:)The Playing Ground: Pen and PC

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How busy is your work place?

 In the days that we were back to books and exams we tend to rush for work to earn. It did happen as we go out of our University. Though it seems so pretty simple, young professionals nowadays consider their work place as playing grounds. It seems that it is the new field of friends and games, the Job and the office. My job? A busy one . It leads me to Accounting from Arts and Letters making correspondence every day until later learn in a lot. The busy work place where I am doing my job end up to me my playground . Iam just enjoying working with the IT( Developer –Oracle) Keep learning with Accounting with the Accounts .Contributing my own degree related to Arts and Communication job in my office.

Just a thought to share, got my brother back to Philippines working as an Accountant. At his age as young professional at twenty’s he showed how his work place became his new play ground. Some Photos attached: gathering at their office.


This things happening where you are comfortable in your workplace lead you to more focus work. A more dedicated employee who enjoy each moment and hours in the office the whole day.

Yet this not apply to everybody casue some describe their office life” hell”. The Hell Boss and the Hell Company as they say, those who are with no proper compensation and too much exhausted with the work load they are obliged to do. Those situations differentiate the playground in the work place. With this thoughts , a workplace which served as a play gorund became a friendly place to work as we spent a day of our life in the office . Well Hope it applies to all employee. That is the Playground of the new generation where money is not asked to the parents but being earned with hard work and sacrifice.

Freebies is the good boss, good work, good job with good benefits and good compensation with Bonus and Increment even Incentives! Blessed are those with free ride “in or outside the Country “ , free family or employee trip or tour! The nicest of it all if you’re playing ground in the country were EURO and DOLLARS are the currency!

COLOR and Meaning:)

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Color Psychology In the image above I compiled a map of the main colors, with its associate properties, indications, and uses. Meaning of Colors •Red – Fiery and passionate, can represent both love and anger. •Orange – Shares attributes of both red and yellow. Associated with energy and warmth. It’s calmer than red and more cheerful. •Yellow – A warm, happy color. It can represent either joy or cowardice. •Green – Signifies nature, growth, and renewal. Along the same lines, green can sometimes represent inexperience. On the flip side, green is sometimes associated with envy or jealousy. •Blue – Calming and cool, but too much can be depressing. Often associated with corporate images. •Purple/Violet – Long associated with royalty and wealth. It’s also a spiritual color, and is thought to be creative. •Black – A bit of a chameleon, it can be conservative or edgy, traditional or modern. It can be mysterious and sexy or conventional and safe, depending on how it’s used. •White – Associated with purity and innocence. It goes well with any other color. •Gray – Neutral and balanced. Gray is conservative and sophisticated, but can be seen as moody, too. •Brown – A wholesome and down-to-earth color that denotes stability and reliability. ——————————————————————————–

Dear Romeo at sa Iyong Christmas Partey!

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December Christmas Parteeys!!!!!!

 Cheers to the work! Cheers to the Workmates! Cheers to the job! Cheers to the Blessings!

This goes to the Christmas Parteys outhere!

Reminding me how long not been to Philippines which cheerish Christmas much!

I miss the word “ PARTY and REGALO” in every exchange gifts!


-to Romeo Madrid II

Nangiingit na may partey sa Wednesday sa trabho

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Dear Christmas,

I am far from home for almost years.

Whenever you come by I just wish that you could stay the whole day of the years for me.

Yet that is impossible because you only drop by a day in December.

Holidays always the year to be with families and love ones even friends or neighbors.

Yet here abroad that day remain ordinary as we wake up and stay at the office to work.

Unlike in other countries where Christmas is so special the time just stop and the day ends with celebration. Fireworks, Carols, Snow falling, and Fire Place light on ‘til break of the morning, Turkey or Pig roasted, loud cheers of voice wishing the Holiday be prosperous.

Oh Hoh Hoh! I have missed to mention the Red Man with the Red Nose Reindeer Mr Santa Clause of North Pole. I never meet him ever since the story was told to me by my mom that he visits at evening to give gift and full my sacks with coins. A clever man who never did show until now that I am age 25 and will turn 26, hope to meet him . Right? Another mystical story I hope Kid’s like me will see for real.

Cards. The Christmas cards I always wanted to read whenever my father received some of it from his students. And a Christmas card form Tita Marilyn , my mom sister who sometime remembered to give my mother every yuletide season . Well I never did get any one of it until now because I am always included in the cards of my dad and my mom – “Wishing you a Merry Christmas , Sir and Family or Mam and Family “. Hoping to get one.

 Christmas tree the happiest image I got back home. During College at December break for Christmas holidays I end up going home with new things to add at our Christmas tree. Butterflies, Balls, Bells, Angels, Santa, Star, Lights, and a Christmas motif for my mom couch pillows and a candle at the table.

Well Christmas never been happier without this :

 Family. Relatives. Friends. Nephews. Cousins. Love ones of our Hearts.

They best describe the Christmas eve with a food to share and a thoughts to remember while all are busy talking, laughing, lighting “papotok”, ihaw ng litson” kain ng kain”.

Thoughts: Happy days during Christmas is to watch CHRISTMAS CARTOONS “sa paulit-ulit na palabas ng Abs-Cbn” -classic PRINCESS SARAH-atibp.”

With this Dear Christmas , I am blessed I got back this memoirs I am before, will cherish it forever.

Have a Happy Holidays.

Thank y ou for the Christmas day Lord:)


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