June 27, 2012

A pair of Shoe for Mama:)Wait it til’ December with Love:)

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This is one that fill my baggage way to Home:)

A Pair of Love Shoe for my mother-for my sister’s wedding.

Finally after 4 years-this is the only material gift I got for you aside of the bags of -prayers.

I love you mama Evangeline Madrid live long for more 🙂

Will see you with it on December-Excited for Maricel Madrid wedding mama:)

Hope me next even I am not the First:)

Pa! Got a gift for mama:)

Hope 37 would suit her (size 6 feet),I asked my board mate to check for it .




June 26, 2012

jogging Means: “Shopping”

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Better be away to Malls.

If not you might end up like me -Carol and Elma.

Enjoyed “jogging means stroll out to the mall and shop a bit” with fun though.

Try once-with a less penny in your pocket and make sure its sale all over the mall-happy!

Nice Though-its a different way to Exercise.












June 6, 2012

Dearest Lola, kiss from my heart

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Dear Mami ,


I love you and you will always be papa No1 Mama:)

I hug you

I kiss you

From my heart


Heard over that you are sick

With all my prayers Lord keep you well and live more with us until you see our success.

Your most love

Even we fought

I always love you as my number 1 Lola who live with me in my College Days.

God is there to keep you safe and feel better.

I am just here

Praying .

I love  you .

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