July 15, 2012


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“Iyong tipong namimiss m…

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“Iyong tipong namimiss mo ang Baguio habang nag papatugtog ka nito … mga musika tulad ng creed, green day , silverchair , incubus, nickelback, etc … na emote pa sa dorm na tipong don ka nalang sa harap ng pc mo at nag friendster… tapos biglang andyan sina Mia , Jhuna , Kawie at Macel ,.. at si tin ever… ang saya na” – I miss it. (te madz)

Miss it :)Kolehiyo de dormitoryo eksena de musika

Dear Cupid,

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I am writing again to ease it 

Well maybe it is part of all this crappy feeling

The thing is that I am not in good thing to discuss it 

I know you know best about it 

But you certainly shot the arrow hit straight in my heart

I think I cannot pull it off now

It’s stuck and things are like permanent

Yet I know as young lover’s do – is to fall and fail then fell apart

I know I must not be like it ,like it was

Now is another life love chapter for me 

So I just need to face

Life is simply accepting it the bitter sweet taste of it 

Just learning more and more now

Hope you hear my heart as I wrote this 

I am .

Thank you for the arrow that shot me in love.

Your’s ,

Girl Lover.


Lover Girl:)

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Lover Girl:)

As time took its role , let’s think

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