February 28, 2013

humpTY dumpTY Made my Day:)

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“Humpty Dumpty “:)- It’s just running in my head since this early morning imagining the Big Head of HUMPTY DUMPTY (egg cracked while jumping in a wall)

Everytime I see YOU:)

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;)Dubai#Not all who Wander are Lost:)

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Dubai#Not all who Wander are Lost:)

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Matthew 19:26

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

The Travel of My Mother here in Dubai this 2013 is define by the word ” FUN -LIFE-LORD”.

All in God’s grace he have permitted Mama to travel last January until February 15 this year (2013). With all his grace the day with Mama here is Dubai was fun and reuniting us together “mother and daughter”.

The memories are so precious that made me more cheerish Life that God has given to me . That things that I have right now are all nothing without God.

Being Blessed by the Lord is something that we should treasure forever not of the money though its a bonus -but the Life Miracles he have shown to us.

It’s great Lord to see how you make things possible in your ways.

Thank you for the granted prayers.

Not late and not too early -It’s just on time:)

All Glory to you God.

-Amen for the Blessings of Life.

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