October 9, 2016

:)Dear Vanity : Even to my adorable feet.

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Well all Girls might love to walk with new Sandals.

With  a cute nail polish in their nails and a fine tone of feet though.

A one time shop break today comfort my feet -a New Nine West Sandals -Gladiator inspired with just -good price.

I am happy with little shop for myself sometimes.

It’s so me – I love shoes, sandals and slippers. 

Thank you for the grace of work and education – I can buy what I need and not that  sometime what “I want” .







There is always a payback day for every day that I am out of penny.

Refrain though , there is always a word “discipline and priority ” in everything.

As my mother told me :

“ok just enjoy life. Enjoy life coupled with responsibility and accountability..”

It’s fact!

Still “Girls love Accessories and Vanity 🙂

Happy Feet to me .




I love you Lord for the things in Life -Blessings.

:)BIRTHDAY CHAT:Mag bi-birthday ng DECEMBER sa office:)

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BIRTHDAY CHAT:Mag bi-birthday ng DECEMBER sa office:)

Sino ba ang hindi masaya sa kanyang kaarawan niya? Pero kami since “matanda na” pass na sa celebration:)
-Lalo na si Elsa na kaopisina ko:)
haPPY bIRTHDAY December celebrants:)

I m freakin back #SocialMediaMeds.

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FLashbacks,what my wordpress got for me after years not logging on.

kill me on this, I might flood online.


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