October 9, 2016

:)Dear Vanity : Even to my adorable feet.

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Well all Girls might love to walk with new Sandals.

With  a cute nail polish in their nails and a fine tone of feet though.

A one time shop break today comfort my feet -a New Nine West Sandals -Gladiator inspired with just -good price.

I am happy with little shop for myself sometimes.

It’s so me – I love shoes, sandals and slippers. 

Thank you for the grace of work and education – I can buy what I need and not that  sometime what “I want” .







There is always a payback day for every day that I am out of penny.

Refrain though , there is always a word “discipline and priority ” in everything.

As my mother told me :

“ok just enjoy life. Enjoy life coupled with responsibility and accountability..”

It’s fact!

Still “Girls love Accessories and Vanity 🙂

Happy Feet to me .




I love you Lord for the things in Life -Blessings.

:)BIRTHDAY CHAT:Mag bi-birthday ng DECEMBER sa office:)

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BIRTHDAY CHAT:Mag bi-birthday ng DECEMBER sa office:)

Sino ba ang hindi masaya sa kanyang kaarawan niya? Pero kami since “matanda na” pass na sa celebration:)
-Lalo na si Elsa na kaopisina ko:)
haPPY bIRTHDAY December celebrants:)

I m freakin back #SocialMediaMeds.

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FLashbacks,what my wordpress got for me after years not logging on.

kill me on this, I might flood online.


March 9, 2013

The time.

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The time.

Hope :)

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February 28, 2013

humpTY dumpTY Made my Day:)

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“Humpty Dumpty “:)- It’s just running in my head since this early morning imagining the Big Head of HUMPTY DUMPTY (egg cracked while jumping in a wall)

Everytime I see YOU:)

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;)Dubai#Not all who Wander are Lost:)

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Dubai#Not all who Wander are Lost:)

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Matthew 19:26

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

The Travel of My Mother here in Dubai this 2013 is define by the word ” FUN -LIFE-LORD”.

All in God’s grace he have permitted Mama to travel last January until February 15 this year (2013). With all his grace the day with Mama here is Dubai was fun and reuniting us together “mother and daughter”.

The memories are so precious that made me more cheerish Life that God has given to me . That things that I have right now are all nothing without God.

Being Blessed by the Lord is something that we should treasure forever not of the money though its a bonus -but the Life Miracles he have shown to us.

It’s great Lord to see how you make things possible in your ways.

Thank you for the granted prayers.

Not late and not too early -It’s just on time:)

All Glory to you God.

-Amen for the Blessings of Life.

January 17, 2013

Ang aking Ina -Unang Byahe out of Country#Pa!Inggit ka:) hehe

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Ang aking Ina -Unang Byahe out of Country#Pa!Inggit ka:) hehe

Si papa at mama noon masaya lang nag-iikot sa Pilipinas. Pero sa kadahilanang parang Jessie Robredo ang “peg” ni Papa -eh hinyaan nalang namin :).Happy naman siya at settled.
In the new Chapter of our family – si mama eh happy even di na kasama si papa . Inspired nalang sa aming tatlo at sa apong poge. Happy girl with her choice of career at pamilya. (Kahit na malayo kami tatlo sa kanya she remain brave mother)
Bukas makikita ko na siya sana lang huwag siyang makulit sa kayaya sa akin na “uwi kana” at nandto na siya in person .(smile)
Si Mama.
Ang aking ina na walang kasing tapang-mabait at maasikaso may pagka payat at matamlay ngalang kumain (kakainis hindi na tumaba).
Pero ganon pa man – I love her for raising me up (chos -si mami baket kaya nagpapa dede sakin at tita meile pag ayoko chopon daw -haha) .Busy kasi sa work -lesson plang dito gabi gabi at turo daily(same with pop’s). Now she reap her sacrifices- she got us good kids (ako pasaway-dalawa ok pa). She is now a principal . Yet she still remain madal dal at pala kwento about school makikita mo nalang ang (dvd player nyo dadalhin nya na sa skul-materials daw haha) .Maawain kasi yan si mama-noong nasa Salvacion pa yan naku magugulat nalang ang magulan na pina-absent ang anak (kasi sinusundo niya papasok ng skul-pinag “aalaga kasi ng itik mga students nya eh ayaw nya un-galit eh) haha. Love ni mama ang trabaho niya I can say- lalo na kami (ksama haha- iniiwan kami sa ilalim ng puno at nag aantay na puntahan niya -minsan baby sit sa student na matalino haha at ok na sa klase niya -chos) . Mama -all I could say I am blessed to have her as a mother (takot ko nalang jan -kaya ako bilhan ng chocolate -flowers wag lang magka bf haha) .Tama naman siya ! hehe Sana siya nalang bumili chocolate at flowers ko hehe (joke) . I love you mama -happy to see you traveling ,just a start. Papa must be glad-kasi eh nang iiwan ! hehe.
I Love you both even I am not the perfect daughter.
you Love me Much.
-will make Bawi.

December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012

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gOODbye 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sad to end it but this is how things goes -they end and with your year -its been great to live in that moments . I am lucky to be alive in your year and praying to live more.

Even things change much -and I grew one more older . The things and those persons -those moments will be here in my heart forever. I am not sad to say goodbye 2012 but I am feeling bad that as another year is coming there will be a lot that must be leave and be part of the past and one of it is your year-2012.

What scares me more is that -I may totally leave you forever with no hopes to refresh again or forget it all.

The fact is that I am so like wanna move forward and never look back.

That the people once I cherished might as well  be leave behind . That pain must move away and happiness should stay. And that being more strong is a brave thing to do in facing all the stuff -that this new year could bring.

I am leave scared .

The most worst part is that I am scared of being hurt getting more each day as I step forward my feet .

That maybe -I am just really alone since start.

Though things end this way -dearest 2012  you brought me life lessons -too much to bear anyway but the Lord is great he heals me day by day.

I am trying .

You know how it was and how it is now.

So please as you move your way out of the calendar .

One thing I only asked of you -2012 remains the happy thoughts but take away the bad ones.

Welcome your goodbyes and Welcome your start 🙂

Happy To end this way -2012

I am happy your brought me the tears &  laughter’s-braver.

Bye now  2012

And lets welcome 2013.

-The God’s grace still live and that he always remain every other year.-amen. 

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